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*1991 in Cheongju, South Korea

lives and works in Berlin, Germany



2021    Master of Fine Art, ≫Public Art and New Artistic Strategies≪, Bauhaus-University Weimar (Weimar, Germany)


2016    Bachelor of Fine Art, ≫School of Photography & Motion Picture≪, Kyungil University (Gyeongsan, South Korea)

2013    Associate degree in Art and Design, ≫Department of Photography & Image MediaShingu College (Sungnam, South Korea)



2023   <P.S, Pee Standing> – (Weimar, Germany)

2021   <Mini Ahnung> – (Weimar & Berlin, Germany)


2020   <A Response> – (Weimar, Germany)

2019   <The Voyage> – (Genova, Italy)


2019   <Double O> – (Bauhaus Museum, Weimar, Germany)


2019   <Double O> – (The German National Theater, Weimar, Germany)

2018   <The Wedding> – (Mensa Am Park, Weimar, Germany)


2018   <OH! AM? ARE!> – (Samguri-Park, Cheonan, South Korea)


2020   <The Traveller>, <COMMA> – MRGT (Cheonan, South Korea)​

2019   <Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst!?> – ACC Gallery (Weimar, Germany)​

2019   <Postmodern: Short Stories> – Palazzo Tagliaferro (Andora, Italy)​

2019   <Imaginary Bauhaus Museum> – Schiller Museum (Weimar, Germany)

2019   <Postmodern: Short Stories> – MIA Photo Fair (Milano, Italy)


2017   <Reading Contemporary Art Trend 2017> – Ami Art Museum (Danjin, South Korea)

2016   <Young Portfolio 2015> – Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Yamanashi, Japan)


2016   <.jpg> – Space Nowhere (Seoul, South Korea)



2017   Ami Art Museum, South Korea


2016   Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan


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