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Art, Design, and Photography
In Between

Hi, I am Minhee from South Korea, a creative multiplayer based in Berlin, Germany. I am happy to work with people and businesses that support diversity and inclusivity. Collaboration is always welcome. :-) 

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Art Direction

  • Creative Concept Development

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Campaign Planning and Execution

  • Photography Art Direction

  • Editorial Art Direction

Artist Branding

  • Personalized Artist Websites

  • Artist Logo and Visual Identity Design

  • Artist Social Media Branding

  • Art Portfolio Development and Curation

  • Artist Brand Strategy and Consultation

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Branding and Identity

  • Print Design (Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards)

  • Digital Design (Web Banners, Social Media Graphics)

  • Packaging Design

Photo Shooting

  • Portrait Photography

  • Event Photography

  • Wedding Photography

  • Fashion Photography

  • Lifestyle Photography

Photo Retouching

  • Color Correction

  • Portrait photo retouching

  • Product photo retouching

  • Image Restoration

  • Image Collage

I value the balance between art, design, and business. 

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